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Our Story

Mama’s Pizza was founded in 1968 by Ed Stebbins on East Rosedale Street in Fort Worth. The Connecticut native, whose mother was from Naples, Italy, was then a student at Texas Wesleyan University and opened the pizzeria right across the street from the university. Stebbins couldn’t think of a good name for the pizzeria, but decided upon Mama’s. In 1970, his mother-in-law, Elizabeth Biggs, joined the Mama’s staff and began taking orders behind the counter. She became known as “Mama,” and the moniker stuck

Stebbins sold the pizzeria in March of 1970 to Frank and Chris Farkas, but Mama Biggs continued to work there for another 16 years, becoming a legend on the East Side of Fort Worth. “Mama” Biggs trained nearly all of the mangers during her tenure and inspired them with hard work and a tough spirit. She had no problems throwing out local neighborhood kids that just wanted to play the video games, and chased customers who walked out without paying their tabs down the sidewalk, demanding payment when she caught them. When she retired in 1988, the employees threw a surprise party for her and presented her with her old rolling pin from the days when she used to roll the dough by hand.

Frank Farkas sold his stock of the pizzeria to his son Chris in 1979. Chris added several locations on Berry Street and Camp Bowie Boulevard. He then franchised nine locations, bringing the total number of Mama’s stores to 18. However, the Savings and Loan debacle later in the 1980s decimated the stores. The Berry Street location–the lone remaining company store–was inherited by Jordan Scott when Chris Farkas passed away in 2003. Jordan’s 13 years’ experience working at Mama’s, combined with that of Harlan Streater, the longest serving Mama’s employee, ensured the Mama’s tradition was in good hands.

From the Berry Street beginning in 2003, three new locations were quickly added: Arlington on Fielder Road in 2004, Mansfield on Debbie Lane in December 2006, and Fort Worth on Camp Bowie Boulevard in 2008. Franchise rights originally sold in 1999 were repurchased by the current owner and franchising opportunities are now available. With four successful stores, a proven recipe both for pizza and store operations, Mama’s is now extending the purview of Mama’s via franchised locations within Texas. “I don’t want to oversee more company stores, but would rather enlarge the scope of Mama’s through well-trained, well-run franchise operations. I think we can better expand through franchising,” said Mama’s President, Jordan Scott

In 2011 Mama’s opened the Keller franchise location on Heritage Trace Parkway, and in mid 2012 added a second franchise pizzeria, this one in Fort Worth on Bryant Irvin Road. In October 2013, the third franchise location was added on North Richland Hills Blvd. 26. Also in October 2013, Mansfield on Debbie Lane became a franchised location.

About Our Pizza Mama’s Pizza specializes in an “East Coast” style pizza that is made fresh daily using the best ingredients we can get our hands on. Our dough is made daily. We use 100% real cheese made from milk, quality meats and fresh produce to top our exceptional pies. Mama’s pizzas are baked in hot brick ovens, giving our pizzas a just-right browned crust that is brushed with melted garlic butter. Our dedication to quality ingredients and equipment has made Mama’s the pizza of choice in Fort Worth and Tarrant County for decades. In fact, some call it a Fort Worth institution.

Awards & Accolades Mama’s Pizza has won an overwhelming number of accolades over the last 40 years, including Best Pizza, Best Family Dining, and Best Cheap Eats by the readers of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, and Best Pizza by Fort Worth, Texas Magazine countless times. It has also won Best Place to Carb Up by Fort Worth, Texas Magazine. Other local newspapers have presented numerous other awards to our individual stores. Customer satisfaction and high quality products have been Mama’s watchword from the very beginning, and we strive every day to maintain–or improve upon–those high standards.

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